HFE Teachers Participate in STREAM Lesson

The generosity of the Heartland Community Foundation continues to bless the students of Holy Family Elementary. Last December the Heartland Community Foundation graciously granted HFE funds to create mobile Maker Space carts to increase the availability of materials and tools for STREAM (Science Technology Religion Engineering Art Music) in the classroom. Through the spring semester and summer months Mrs. Natalie Brown, Media Specialist, worked to create the mobile carts so that they were ready for students in the fall.

During August inservice meetings the HFE faculty members got their hands on the Maker Space materials and experienced firsthand the learning their students could experience. Each teacher took a pre-test on a topic, participated in a STREAM lesson, and then went on to earn a 100% on the post-test to get the full student experience. "Wow!” Mrs. Chris Dinkel said,  “So many materials are available to use for creativity in any class, and it is all in one place!  These carts make it easy for any teacher to add STREAM lessons to his/her lesson plans."

(above) Mrs. Amadee Staab displays her model of a neuron. (below) Mr. Jared Mick and Mrs. Ann Weber work on their models.

Additionally, Mrs. Natalie Brown, media specialist; Mrs. Lori Flax, computers and technology; and Mrs. Lindsey Steigerwald, art, curriculum, and instruction; will collaborate on STREAM topics for the library, art, and computer specials times each week forming a STREAM block specials time. Mrs. Steigerwald is excited to make use of the mobile carts, “The STREAM carts were so cool! They had all sorts of hands-on materials such as playdough and Legos to use to help deepen understanding of the topic we were learning about. They can aid students in making connections to the content in a fun and meaningful way! We can't wait to use these across the curriculum to deepen student engagement!”  Expanding on topics from the general education classroom subject areas will allow for more depth of understanding as student interest grows. Further use of the mobile Maker Space carts will cultivate creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and ingenuity. 

(above) Two of the mobile MakerSpace carts. (below) A sample of one drawer filled with Legos.

Holy Family deeply appreciates the Heartland Community Foundation for its support to provide engaging learning opportunities for the students of HFE. Mrs. Brown sees the future of STREAM instruction at HFE. “Our STREAM carts are going to allow teachers to have materials readily available for hands-on learning.  They will give students the opportunity to work in teams or groups to create and re-create something that they are learning in the classroom.  These experiences will help students have a more concrete understanding of the lesson.” Thank you to Mrs. Brown for taking the helm on this project and making the vision become reality.